Gifts For Your Gardening Friends

Many gardeners appreciate gardening gift items that their friends send them. Some folks have no idea just what to give to their gardener friends. Here are some ideas of the type of practical and luxurious gardening gifts that many a gardener will appreciate.

Seeds Or Seedlings

Many gardening shops around the country provide a gift basket of carefully selected seeds. You can even have the choice what types of plants the recipients prefer. These baskets can also be completely tailormade.

Seedlings can be great gardening gifts since they are already grown and only need replanting. The recipient will enjoy a plant that he or she has been looking for or wanting for some time. Being that they are already seedlings, the receiver will not have a difficult time growing them.

Gardening Tools

For novice gardeners, a full set of gardening tools will be appreciated as a gift. Gardening gifts like these can range from the basic to specific tools needed for specific gardening tasks. Specific tools include pruners of all shapes and sizes, sprayers, mowers and many others.

Garden Furniture

Gardening gifts can also comprise garden furniture and that does not even need to be too costly. Fountains or pergola’s may come to mind when you say garden furniture but these are not all that is available for your garden. Bueatifully crafted lamps for example are a fairly inexpensive gardening gift idea. Other garden furniture that’ll be great as gardening gifts are bird feeders, small statues, small ponds and many more.

The more expensive varieties of gardening furniture and fixtures include shade umbrellas, marble seats and tables, fountains and many more. These can cost quite a bit more than the smaller sorts of gardening furniture and fixtures – but they can be very impressive gifts indeed.

Gardening Accessories

Gardening accessories are a great idea for gardening gifts as well. Gardening accessories include gloves, kneelers, aprons and many more. These can be thoughtful gift ideas that a gardener will need. There are various kinds of gardening accessories that can be seen at gardening stores.

Pressure Washer

Not the first thing that comes to mind when it comes to gardening perhaps, but pressure washers are fairly cheap nowadays and they can really make life of a gardener alot easier. For gardeners gas pressure washers are probably the best, because then you don’t need a power line across the garden.

Flash Light
Also not a standard gardening item. Outdoorsy people should not do with a good flashlight though. Check this website so see what is currently the best flashlight for outdoors.


For people who have no basic idea what to give as gardening products, the above suggestions are incredibly good ideas that will be greatly appreciated. Of course, if you a plant that your gardening friend may like, you can just go with this!

How to add good soil

Nowadays when building a home, all the top soil is removed and a few inches of soil is added again once everything is finished. This makes for a very nutrient poor soil.

Now how can you add good soil in an organic way?

Good fertile soil is created by decaying biological material. Most people think of animal dropping and dead plants/animals. And rightly so. But more important are all the roots of dead plants. Most plants take far more space beneath ground than above it. And when the plant is eaten the roots often remain – and die off. When the roots decay, they leave behind space in the soil that act as vessels for water and nutrients.

So to add fertile soil we want to simulate this process. To do this you have to add the rights plants to your garden and make them grow fast. I suggest you start with a solid grass that has deep roots. Permuga grass is famous for his deep roots – they can become 8 to 12 feet(!) The best type of grass or you is very dependent on the area you live in though (and the climate you have there).

You can also add clovers to the grass, they can grow long roots as well. And it helps the grass grow by decreasing the nitrogen level of the soil. Letting the grass grow a bit longer helps make the roots get longer.

depth of roots

Ideal would be to have an animal graze on the lawn now, but for most of you that is probably not an enticing option. Mawing the lawn will do the job of killing some of the grass (and clover) while the roots remain in the soil.

This might sound like this will only get you results with this in tweny plus years, but you will be surprised what can happen in one or two seasons. If done well, the ground will actually elevate visibly by a few centimeters per year. And that is all extremely fertile soil for years to come!